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International Agents

Our International Agents are located around the world. For help, visit the agents section(opens in a new window) of the UWS website.

International Students

Take the first steps to becoming a UWSCollege international student. 

Make sure you carefully read the UWS International *Academic Requirements(opens in a new window) (PDF, 226Kb) and ensure you meet them before applying. This will streamline the application process to improve your chances of acceptance into UWSCollege.

* The information in the publication is correct as at 27 March 2014. The University of Western Sydney reserves the right at all times to vary information within this publication.

Apply in five simple steps

  1. Complete a International Student Application Form (PDF, 464Kb)(opens in a new window).
  2. Attach certified copies of: English proficiency level, Academic qualifications, Birth certificate or passport.
  3. Ensure that you have read and understood our policies.
  4. Sign and date the declaration on the application form. Submit the form by:


    UWS International Admissions
    University of Western Sydney
    Building ES, Parramatta Campus
    Locked Bag 1797
    Penrith NSW 2751


    fax it to +61 2 9685 9314


    email it to (opens in a new window)


    submit your forms to UWS International via a UWS Agent Representative (opens in a new window).

You will be advised in writing of the outcome of your application. If you are successful, you will receive a personalised Offer Pack, including an "Offer of Admission" stating the course offered, tuition fees, costs for compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), orientation details, course commencement dates and other important information. An "Offer Acceptance Agreement" form will also be included in the International Offer Pack (PDF, 3.5Mb)(opens in a new window)

Conditional offer: If you apply for a formal course of study with us but are waiting to receive results of current academic or English studies, we may make you a "Conditional Offer of Admission". When you receive the final results for your current studies, send certified copies to UWS International Admissions and we can then send you a final Offer of Admission.

Pay the total fees as listed in the Offer of Admission Letter (see payment details in Step 4). Send the following documents to UWS International Admissions (see contact details in Step 1):

A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter will then be sent to you confirming details of your course enrolment.

Your payment must be made:

  • payable to the University of Western Sydney
  • in Australian Dollars
  • making reference to your name and student ID number.

Commencing students can make payment by:

  • credit card
  • telegraphic transfer from an overseas account or direct deposit bank transfer in Australia to UWS (a copy of the transfer must be attached to your acceptance form). UWS bank account details are provided with your Offer of Admission Letter
  • Australian bank cheque made out to The University of Western Sydney (the cheque must be attached to your acceptance form).

Please use the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) Request and Payment Advice form in your International Offer Pack (PDF, 3.5Mb)(opens in a new window) to make your payment.

You must obtain a student visa before leaving your home country.

The Australian Diplomatic Mission in your home country will explain the visa requirements for Australia. More information may be obtained from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) (opens in a new window).

Students under 18 years

Any student under the age of 18 who is not residing in Australia with a parent, or a person who has legal custody of them, must have a guardian. In order to ensure that students under the age of 18 years are properly supervised both inside and outside school during their study period in Australia, UWSCollege requires that a responsible adult be nominated to supervise each student. We can arrange guardianship through our guardianship provider. For more information, please contact Student Services(opens in a new window).

Student dependants

If you come to Australia as an overseas student on a student visa, you should be aware that you will be required to pay full fees for any of your school-aged dependants who accompany you and who are enrolled in either a government or non-government school in Australia.

Information about the enrolment and fees for temporary visa holders and dependants of overseas students may be obtained from:

Department of Education and Communities (DEC)
DEC International Students Centre
827–837 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: +61 2 8289 4777

Website: (opens in a new window)

ESOS framework

The Australian Government has produced a description (opens in a new window) of the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework which all prospective students should read. This description is available from the Australian Education International website (opens in a new window).

Pathways Packages

There are currently several subclasses of student visa that cover the whole study program, or particular courses.

You can "package" your visa to cover all of your English courses and academic studies (see below), which makes studying in Australia less expensive and less complicated. This means that, whether you are enrolling in two courses or studying a UWSCollege pathways course and then a degree at University of Western Sydney, a single visa will cover it all

UWSCollege Pathways Packages

A UWSCollege Pathways Package will simplify the administrative requirements of your visa.

All of our academic courses can be packaged with an English language course. University Foundation Studies can also be packaged with a Diploma course.

The following combinations of UWSCollege courses can be covered by a single visa:

  1. English + University Foundation Studies
  2. English + Diploma
  3. English + University Foundation Studies + Diploma
  4. University Foundation Studies + Diploma.

To apply for a UWSCollege Pathways Package, complete the  UWSCollege International Student Application Form (PDF, 136.13 KB)(opens in a new window) and follow the How to Apply procedures.

UWSCollege + University of Western Sydney Pathways Packages

Courses at UWSCollege and courses at the University of Western Sydney can be packaged together in a single visa.

The following UWSCollege and UWS courses can be packaged together for your visa. There is no UWS application fee with these packages:

  1. University Foundation Studies + Undergraduate Degree
  2. Diploma + Undergraduate Degree

    and, if the English requirement has not been met, the above packages can be offered with a UWSCollege English course as follows:

  3. University Foundation Studies + Diploma + Undergraduate Degree,
  4. English + Undergraduate Degree
  5. English + Postgraduate Degree.

UWS deposit

To secure a place at University of Western Sydney, you must pay UWS a deposit of AUD$2000 when you pay your UWSCollege course tuition fees. UWS will hold the AUD$2000 until your university study commences and it will then be deducted from your first-semester fees at UWS.

You will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter for the UWSCollege course, and a CoE letter for the UWS course.

To apply for a UWSCollege + UWS Pathways Package, you need to complete UWSCollege International Student Application Form (PDF, 136.13 KB)(opens in a new window) .

UWSCollege (CRICOS Code 02851G) is a wholly-owned entity of the University of Western Sydney (CRICOS Code 00917K).