English Language Programs

CRICOS Course Code: 060789E


UWSCollege English Language Programs offer a range of courses that suit every level of competency. Whether you want to improve your general communication skills, pass an important exam or attend an English-speaking university, we have a course for you.

UWSCollege has built a national and international reputation for excellence on the results we deliver. We are a member of English Australia (EA) and University English Centres Australia (UECA) and all of our English Language Programs are accredited with the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) Limited Australia. UWSCollege is also certified by the Australian Government (CRICOS Provider Code 02851G), which means we are licensed to teach English to international students.

Simply choose from the range of programs/courses outlined below and follow the instructions on the How to Apply page.

Academic English for Tertiary Studies This program is designed to develop ESL students' English proficiency to a level where they can communicate confidently, express ideas effectively and achieve rhetorical competence, and qualify for entry into Australian tertiary educational institutions. Five modules are offered:
 EAP 1
 EAP 2
 EAP 3
 EAP 4
 EAP 5
Advanced Academic English Skills This program has two components: Module A provides students with intensive writing and reading practice; and Module B provides students with high-level spoken communication skills to help improve fluency, pronunciation and public speaking skills. Two modules offered:
 A: Reading and writing
 B: Speaking and listening
Communicating in English (General English) This program is designed to develop English proficiency from a beginner level through to an advanced level, and teach students to communicate effectively in everyday society.

Beginner to Advanced:
1 to 50 weeks

IELTS Preparation Course This course provides students with skills and confidence in taking tests for both modules, as well as an understanding of the IELTS Academic Module practice test. It also prepares students for all four skills tested (writing, reading, listening and speaking).

UWSCollege English courses can be packaged with University Foundation Studies and/or Diploma courses as well as UWS degrees. You will only need to pay one international student processing fee. One of the advantages of packaged programs is that only one visa is required for the entire study period at UWSCollege. Where a package includes English, no further external English test will be necessary before beginning your next course at UWSCollege or UWS.

UWSCollege English Entrance Test

UWSCollege offers an English Language Entrance Test to assess whether you have the English language skills required for direct entry to the College and to UWS.


The University of Western Sydney is a registered provider under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Provider Number 00917K. UWSCollege (CRICOS Code 02851G) is a wholly-owned entity of the University of Western Sydney (CRICOS Code 00917K). UWSCollege Academic Pathway programs are delivered by UWSCollege under arrangement with the University of Western Sydney.