Arriving in Australia

UWSCollege understands that coming to another country to study can be a confusing experience, so we endeavour to assist students in settling in as quickly as possible and provide the best possible care for students while they are here.

The Student Services team help our students feel welcome at UWSCollege. They know that international students have to adapt to a new culture as well as studying in a new environment. Our team members are from different cultural backgrounds, can translate for students when required and help you settle in and make the most of your time with us.


When you arrive in Sydney, you will discover one of the best qualities of life offered anywhere in the world.

Sydney is Australia's oldest and largest city and enjoys a vibrant, multicultural way of life. As the commercial capital of Australia and home to 4.3 million people, its offerings include the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge on a spectacular harbour, world class cultural centres, shopping facilities and restaurants, enchanting parklands and beaches, temperate weather and outstanding sporting facilities.

Australia offers a friendly, English-speaking environment in which to live, study and travel. As international interest focuses on the cultures and economic dynamism of Asia and the Pacific, Australia's economic and political role is recognised as a key element in the region's future.

Sydney's western region is where UWSCollege and all six campuses of the University of Western Sydney are located. This region is also home to nearly two million people — or one in every ten Australians. Half this population is under thirty years of age, which makes Western Sydney a vibrant place to live and study.

For more information on location please refer to the links below:

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If you are an international student, our student support begins before you even leave home.

Students will receive detailed information about UWSCollege, including information on accommodation options, airport reception, orientation details, living expenses, lifestyle and climate.

If you have an agent, they will also be able to provide information you may need before arriving in Australia.

Planning is very important and arriving without making essential arrangements can cause stress and lead to an unhappy start start settling into Sydney life. You should plan to arrive in Australia at least two to three days before your Orientation Day. This gives you a chance to settle in and recover from your flight.

Please ensure that you are aware of the conditions attached to your student visa. Students must comply with all these conditions while studying in Australia. For detailed information on visa conditions and visa renewal, visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) website.

To ensure a completely worry-free arrival, we can provide an airport pick-up service for you for a fee. Simply arrange it in advance and, when you arrive in Sydney, you will have transport to UWSCollege waiting for you at the airport — with someone to meet you!

A non-refundable booking fee is required for this service, and you must request this when your UWSCollege fees are paid. Flight details are not always known at this time, but this information should be forwarded to UWSCollege as soon as it is available, so that we can make the necessary arrangements to pick you up.

If you have not requested the airport pick-up service, you will need to make your own arrangements for transport from the airport. It is not possible to arrange pick-up on the day of your arrival.

To book airport pick-up you should complete the following steps:

  1. View the Airport Pick-up and Homestay Fees and download the Application for Homestay/Airport Pick-up (PDF, 78.4Kb).
  2. Fill in the Application for Home Stay/Airport Pick-up and fax it, along with the relevant proof of payment, to UWSCollege Student Services on +61 2 9685 9700 or email to

    On confirmation of your booking, information showing the pick-up point at the airport will be provided to you.

    Please note that these services cannot be arranged without payment and must be confirmed with UWSCollege Student Services well in advance.
  3. Confirm your pick-up arrangements with UWSCollege Student Services before departing from your home country.

There is also a range of other bus and train services available from the airport. Check out the Sydney Airport website for more information.

Follow the steps below on arrival at Sydney Airport:

  • Make sure you have all your personal belongings when you get off the plane.
  • Proceed to the Immigration Desk where you will need to show your passport and entry documents (immigration cards are provided on the plane).
  • Proceed to the Baggage Claim area to pick up your luggage.
  • If you have brought with you any food items, artefacts etc you must declare them at Customs. If you do not declare them, you could be fined.
  • After passing through Customs, Baggage Claim and Quarantine, you will enter the Arrival Hall.
  • Proceed to your chosen form of transport from the airport.

If you have not requested the airport pick-up service, you will need to make your own arrangements for transport to your accommodation. UWSCollege cannot arrange pick-up on the day of your arrival.

There is a range of bus and train services available from the airport.

The Airport Link provides a direct link to Central Station from the airport. Trains run every 10–15 minutes from the airport. Trains to Parramatta, Westmead and other suburban areas are available from Central Station. More information is available from the Airport Link website.

Further information on transport from the airport can be found on the following websites:

As a condition of their visa, international students under 18 years of age who are not living with a parent or legal custodian, must have approved guardianship and accommodation (homestay) arrangements in place.

There are a number of forms that must be submitted for approval of guardianship/accommodation (homestay) arrangements.

The Parent Legal Custodian Authority Form must be completed by the parent or legal custodian.

The following forms must be completed by the nominated guardian/homestay applicant:

UWSCollege will then undertake the approval process. Once approved, a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation/ Welfare (CAAW) letter will be issued.

After arriving in Australia, the guardianship/accommodation (homestay) arrangements remain in place until the student turns 18 years.

You can speak to a UWSCollege Student Adviser if there are any issues with your arrangements.

Please note that, while you are a student under age 18, you are required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) as part your visa conditions to have any changes to your accommodation (homestay) and/or guardianship approved by UWSCollege.

For more information about guardianship requirements, please read Conditions for UWSCollege Students Under 18 Years: Guardianship.

Completed forms should be mailed to:

PO Box 406
Westmead NSW 2145

or emailed to

For further information, call + 61 2 9685 9785 or email

For more information about studying in Australia, refer to the English Australia website.

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