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Facilities and Services

Access to UWS Facilities

As a UWSCollege student, you are entitled to use the facilities and services of the University of Western Sydney (UWS). This includes the use of any UWS library. For more information on UWS libraries, refer to the UWS library home page.

UWSCollege Facilities

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Student Services Support

When students study at UWSCollege they will be well-supported by our experienced, professional Student Services team. Their job is to help you feel at home on campus. They organise fun student social and cultural events that help you get to know other students who may be studying different courses or who represent different cultures.

UWSCollege Student Services is committed to broadening your appreciation of the diversity of cultures at the College, as well as enjoying the sights and sounds of Sydney. Regular events and activities are available for you to participate in and enjoy.

Student Services can provide you with information, counselling, advocacy and referral services if needed. Issues that you may want to discuss are:

  • career decisions
  • courses and vocations
  • accommodation
  • personal, relationship and family matters
  • employment
  • adjusting to life in Australia
  • illness or disability
  • student visas.

You will find that all the help and support you need is never far away. You are encouraged to make an appointment with Student Services staff concerning any of the issues mentioned above. Appointment bookings can be made at UWSCollege Student Services. Consultations are confidential, but are subject to legal limitations.

UWSCollege (CRICOS Code 02851G) is a wholly-owned entity of the University of Western Sydney (CRICOS Code 00917K).